Our Story.

ChallengeWorks was initially established in response to seeing so many wasted opportunities to properly engage supporters and maximise fundraising in the charity event market. Expanding from that initial specialisation, our powerful mix of event management, consulting, fundraising and marketing skills have enabled us deliver outstanding results for a range of clients which has grown to include many corporate and community organisations seeking high quality, engaging event campaigns.

Why Us.

When you get ChallengeWorks you get its owners and directors, who have ‘skin in the game’ and a unique combination of skills and experience.

We build sustainable events by focusing on developing passionate event communities that return year after year.

We view ChallengeWorks as a social purpose business – where we use our skills and capabilities to organise and manage the business as a for-profit enterprise, whilst having a social mission and the goals of creating both financial and social value.

We subscribe to the approach of ‘Doing Good by Doing Good’.

What We Do.





What We’ve Been up To.