June 27, 2023

The Everything Event Model doughnut

The Everything Event Model

Welcome to the Everything Event Model. It’s kind of like the everything donut for event management. We find it helps in deciding what to do


A non-competitive endurance trail walk, raising funds for a youth focused charity. The event features a premium level of participant support including transport, merchandise,

Bare Creek Trail Run

A community trail-based fun run, covering a range of event distances and full-service event centre. The event has been dubbed ‘the friendliest trail run’.

Magic Ride

A boutique four-day cycling tour designed for the weekend warrior. We deliver a pro-rider experience for the participants, ranging from social events in the lead

Bravery Trek

A virtual, physical challenge taking place over a one month period that simulates a point-to-point trek. Each participant is delivered personalised messaging and engagement based

Miracle Moon Walk

A female and family-focused, non-competive night walk, set in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The walk includes an inspirational event centre, mission-focused activation stations across


A virtual fundraising challenge that takes place over six days and involves extensive virtual community interaction and involvement. The challenge incorporates high-levels of corporate partner

The Smith Family Challenge

An outdoor, multi-day, multi-stage adventure challenge set in remote locations that raises funds for The Smith Family. In addition to the physical challenge, participants enjoy

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