Who do we work for?


Individual philanthropists

We know that there are plenty of individuals who have reached a stage of their life where they have the means and motivation to make a significant, positive contribution to their chosen cause. We partner with these philanthropists to develop and establish challenge-based fundraising events that create a lasting legacy.

Our clients typically have outstanding personal networks, energy and passion but lack the time or specific experience to achieve their aims on their own. The combination of these personal attributes together with ChallengeWorks event and fundraising capability and dedicated effort creates a powerful combination that has the ability to create a lasting legacy.

A typical event would bring together 20 to 100 like-minded individuals on a memorable adventure that would be used as the fundraising platform for generating donations in excess of $100,000.  Our events typically start small but quickly gain momentum, their own culture and identity, and a loyal following that sees them running for many years.


Not For Profit Organisations

Many organisations are being stretched by; competition for funding, staffing reductions, ageing supporter databases and deteriorating event outcomes. It is however widely acknowledged that an exceptional event campaign still has the potential to deliver outstanding fundraising and supporter acquisition outcomes.

We typically work with organisations who are looking for their next headline event, need to revitalise an event that has reached the end of its lifecycle, or are wanting to introduce a challenge event into their fundraising mix. We integrate with the organisation’s fundraising, marketing or event teams to deliver the campaign seamlessly without putting additional workload pressure on staff.

Our events campaigns range in size and target outcomes. Most campaigns are focused on maximising fundraising, while others have more emphasis on brand or supporter acquisition. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the organisation’s mission is showcased and campaign outcomes deliver for the short and long term.