Now say it with feeling – making an emotional connection with supporters

Even novice event fundraisers and organisers know that making an emotional connection with participants or supporters is important. Where many fail is that they assume it is just the event that delivers this. But it should start long before.

An event campaign is a great opportunity to build emotional responses, as you get so many bites of the cherry through all the communication channels and touch points.

We know that participants’ sign up to charity events just as much for themselves as for the charitable outcomes. We regularly hear how participants are looking to be part of a community, experience something new and uplifting, and meet like-minded people. For these people, the event is important, but to really get them hooked, you need to generate these positive emotions well in advance of the event itself. We love pictures, music and video to achieve this.

Instagram is a great option to build visually inspired emotions. Build a gallery of emotion inspiring pictures that you add to as the event draws nearer. And don’t restrict yourself to photos of your own event – how about great pictures of world leading events in the same style as yours.

Regular Facebook and Twitter posts with a relevant connection to your event can inspire and connect your supporters. Remember they are looking to be part of a community. If you are putting on an athletic event, how about starting a social media conversation with participants on their top songs to train to. And don’t forget to share a great music videos that inspires the emotions you are trying to generate.

Over to you.