Strategy & Technology Projects


Strategic campaign review.

Undertook a strategic review of a cycling-based fundraising campaign that had plateaued.

Key Activities
  • Event review
  • Development of fundraising and event operations improvement recommendations
  • Development of a practical implementation strategy

NFP start-up strategic advice.

Provided strategic fundraising advice to a consortium of entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new NFP.

Key Activities
  • Preparation and delivery of strategy and ideation workshops
  • Development of multi year fundraising strategy

Corporate partnership proposal.

Developed a strategic corporate partnership strategy and set of pitch documents for an NGO.

Key Activities

Strategy covering:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and related ROI for partner
  • Staff engagement and volunteering benefits
  • Fundraising event sponsorship overview

Fundraising strategy development.

Developed a fundraising strategy to support the establishment of a corporate philanthropic foundation.

Key Activities
  • Advise on foundation structure
  • Development of 3 year start up strategy and financial targets
  • Campaign concept development and testing

Corporate partner campaign concepts.

Developed a suite of event-based fundraising campaign concepts able to be offered to new corporate partners.

Key Activities
  • Gap and opportunity analysis
  • Campaign and event concept development
  • Budget development
  • Pitch document development

Supporter engagement workshop.

Developed and delivered a series of supporter engagement workshops for a national fundraising conference.

Key Activities
  • Session planning
  • Delivery to multiple audiences during conference roadshow

Corporate sponsorship activation.

Developed a literary and library based fundraising concept to support a NFPs pitch for corporate sponsorship.

Key Activities
  • Campaign concept development
  • Feasibility analysis and optimum campaign filtering
  • Design and production of marketing collateral

Marketing activation.

Developed a large-scale marketing activation for a health product company to support their charity event sponsorship.

Key Activities
  • Assesssment of target marketing outcomes
  • Concept, budget and activation plan development
  • Operational delivery of activation

Capability uplift.

Developed a ‘Steering Guide’ for a NFPs events team to assist them to upskill and manage their brand and financial risk.

Key Activities
  • Capability assessment and gap analysis
  • Development of written and interactive tools
  • Delivery of staff workshops and telephone support


Platform Development.

Developed and managed a DIY community fundraising platform for a growing mental health NFP.

See our Community Fundraising Hub overview HERE

Key Activities
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Platform build
  • Development of automated communications to maximise fundraising based on behavioural triggers

Platform Management.

Managed a NFP’s donor platform on an extended ongoing basis covering multiple campaigns and appeals.

Key Activities
  • Platform administration
  • Risk and performance reporting
  • Supporter engagement communication

Fundraising tools & resources.

Developed a suite of digital marketing and donor engagement toolkits to support a NFP’s fundraising strategy.

Key Activities
  • Deep dive into event portfolio
  • Development and market testing of content
  • Design and production of support collateral

Website & donor platform build.

Developed of a range of integrated website and donor platforms to support various fundraising campaigns.

Key Activities
  • Development event brands
  • Design, build and testing of integrated website and donor platforms
  • Launch and support of the roll out phase for each