Trails for Change wrap up

In November last year we hosted the inaugural Trails for Change (T4C) event. This wonderful new 3 day event involved a 100km of trail running and walking on the spectacular Great Ocean Walk trail in Victoria in support of MedEarth. As is typical for new events of this type, we kicked off with a tight group of participants who were up for the challenge of a first year event. The fundraising was by no means small though, with the 11 participants raising a net total of $25,000 – which goes directly to MedEarth.

The feedback from the participants was fantastic and we were thrilled to have 5 of them agree to join the organising group as T4C Ambassadors in 2017. Their experience, enthusiasm for MedEarth’s amazing work and fundraising commitment will be a huge asset to the event and we know that we already have more than 20 participants signed up for 2017, despite the launch still being a couple of months away. Keep an eye open for more info.

Ready to roll


Incredible views around every corner


The trail above Johanna Beach on Day 2


Finish line fun


We're all in it together


Winners are grinners - the inaugural T4C family at the finish line