Training a team member for Raisely success: the five-point checklist

Raisely success

When it comes to Raisely success, having a teammate who can handle basic administration tasks is crucial. They also make sure your supporters know that there’s a person there for them if they need help – a human touch on your campaign can improve its engagement and ROI enormously.  

Here are five key skills that your Raisely-Pro should possess when they’re managing your Raisely page:

  • Move a donation. They should be able to transfer donations between campaigns, individuals, or teams. This flexibility allows you to allocate funds strategically and recognise the efforts of specific fundraisers.
  • Edit a profile. Mistakes happen, and not everyone is tech-savvy. Your Raisely expert should be able to edit profiles, helping fundraisers correct errors or make necessary updates to maximise their impact.
  • Adjust campaign fundraising targets. Changing targets is a smart tactic to keep the momentum going. Your resource should know how to adjust campaign goals, ensuring they align with your fundraising strategy – but only change them twice. Any more feels like you’re moving the goalposts.
  • Build messaging – automated and manual. Communication is key in any successful campaign. Your Raisely-Pro should be able to set up and send automated or scheduled messages from the Raisely messaging function. Whether it’s a personalised thank-you note for achieving a fundraising milestone or an automated update, effective messaging can drive donations and maintain enthusiasm.
  • Set up and run reports. They’ve got to love them some admin. Your Raisely-Pro should be capable of setting up donor or fundraiser reports that provide insights into campaign performance over time and allow for meaningful comparisons between different periods. Spreadsheeting skills are valuable when it comes to analysing and tracking the data that Raisely produces. 

By training your team member with these five skills as an absolute minimum, you can ensure smooth administration and maximise your Raisely campaign’s potential for success. 

Need any help training, or are happy with the experts at Challengeworks managing your Raisely page for you? Get in touch for a no-obligation chat today and we can discuss your needs. 

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