Turning attendance into experience.

We design and deliver those technical and creative aspects of your event that turn ATTENDANCE into EXPERIENCE. With a focus on event centres and outdoor events, this typically includes aspects such as lighting, sound, branding, signage, digital infrastructure, and entertainment.

We create a lasting memory of the cause or brand through atmosphere, mood and emotion. Our measure of success is the level of engagement with the cause or brand and the number of returning attendees.

But it’s not all sparklers and music, our event operations experience ensures that these creative elements remain practical, functional and integrated with all other aspects of the event and we typically work closely with your event operations team to achieve this integration.

Problems We Solve.

  • You want to add an experiential component to a new or existing event, and you are on a tight budget
  • Your current operations team don’t have the experience or contacts to deliver the creative aspects of the event