Trails for Change wrap up

In November last year we hosted the inaugural Trails for Change (T4C) event. This wonderful new 3 day event involved a 100km of trail running and walking on the spectacular Great Ocean Walk trail in Victoria in support of MedEarth. As is typical for new events of this type, we kicked off with a tight group of participants who were up for the challenge of…

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Where in the world?

The second half of 2016 has started with a bang at ChallengeWorks HQ with a number of new and exciting charity event campaigns for both Philanthropist and Not for Profit clients in the planning stages. The first of these will launch a little later this month and whilst it is just a little early to make any formal announcements, apart from the fact that…

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Shared Experiences – More Art than Science

Shared experience event

One of the reasons we at ChallengeWorks love developing challenge events is the opportunities that they provide for diverse groups of people to form powerful and enduring connections with others, all centred around a social cause. I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time with Peter Baines chatting about the importance of these connections when it comes to building support for charitable causes,…

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Outdoor magazine to feature the 2016 Challenge

With the 9th annual Smith Family Challenge completed for another year and records having been broken, we are pleased to announce that this year’s event will be featured in the July/August edition of Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine. We were keen to find a good way to convey the incredible scenery, emotion and spirit of this great event to a wider audience and were thrilled to have Mark…

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2016 Smith Family Challenge launch

Smith Family Challenge 2015

A few weeks ago we were thrilled to launch the 9th annual Smith Family Challenge which ChallengeWorks will host in March 2016. The launch was held at the Woollahra Hotel and was very well attended by a combination of event veterans and new participants. A run down of the 2-day adventure race format and the Blue Mountains location had everyone excited. There were plenty of questions about fundraising tactics…

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Forget the marketing budget if you want long lasting event success

Lasting event success of Woodford Festival

I recently read an address from Bill Hauritz, the founder and director of the long running Woodford Folk Festival. His insights on building lasting event success, measured by patronage and supporter loyalty, struck me as incredibly relevant to those of us who strive to develop successful, long lasting fundraising events. This is especially so given the current landscape of heavily marketed challenge fundraising events…

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When I grow up I want to be a Philanthropist

Hoping to become an influential leader

Gordon Darling recently passed away aged 94. As one of Australia’s most generous arts benefactors, he led an exceedingly successful and generous life. He was described in every single obituary as a philanthropist, and there is no doubt that he epitomised this term. It also occurred to me that pretty much regardless of one’s beliefs, status or interests, being seen as a philanthropist is…

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We love FFFs (no it’s not rude!) – attracting committed fundraisers

attracting committed fundraisers

In a recent conversation with a charity board member we were reminded of the fact that many organisations are hesitant to really engage their fundraisers. Our discussion revolved around what it takes to attract and support committed fundraisers, the ‘four-figure-fundraisers’ (FFFs). This term is not ours, although it was clearly coined by someone with a similar passion for catchy acronyms and blatant alliteration. The…

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Now say it with feeling – making an emotional connection with supporters

Even novice event fundraisers and organisers know that making an emotional connection with participants or supporters is important. Where many fail is that they assume it is just the event that delivers this. But it should start long before. An event campaign is a great opportunity to build emotional responses, as you get so many bites of the cherry through all the communication channels…

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